Monday, January 21, 2008

OpenWRT 7.09 for the NSLU2

The NSLU2 edition of OpenWRT 7.09 is finally ready for download! Actually this was a month ago, but I just noticed, hehe. I own a NSLU2 and it has been running OpenWRT 7.07 for a while. I am very pleased.
Changes since Kamikaze 7.07

- Swap is now enabled in the kernel
- The eth0 interface requests an IP address using DHCP
- Documentation updates
- UCI updates - uncommitted changes are now active on config reads
- PPP fixes
- Firewall fixes for dynamic interfaces
- Config enhancements for dnsmasq
- Prevent interfaces from accidentally being started twice at boot time
- Fix QoS for dynamically assigned interfaces

Woot! Swap! Praise FSM.

BTW, here's a good
optware mirror and openwrt mirror at OSUOSL.